Sauna and water activities

Thrashing with birch-tree leaves` besoms in a country sauna. Swimming place in the pond, boating.


Water activities

Swimming place

Playground for children

Trampoline, swing, sandplace, football field.

Table and sport games

Games available in the shed: novus, badminton, darts, ball games. Trampoline.

Nature hiking trails

Beaver dams, berry - picking, mushrooms` gathering, birds` observing.


A guest room for small parties (up to 20 persons). Social evenings by the fireplace and around the bonfire.

Horseback riding

Available horseback riding, ride in horse driven sledge in neighbour farm (15km).
(Mob. 29471280)

Visiting potter`s and beekeeper`s farms

Possibility to visit potter`s and beekeeper`s farms, to work with the clay themselves. The potter`s works can be commissioned and purchased. Honey taste and purchase.

Winter activities

*)country skiing



*)snowbike rent

*)mountain skiing in Kauku hill (28km), mob.29227935